Tuesday, February 3, 2009

We were so happy when the agency found a foster home for Shane so quickly. In the orphanage he was not walking or talking. Within six months, he was running, and talking in sentences. The pictures of him in the blue outfits were taken when Tammy, Connor's mom, went to China in February 2008, while we were in China with Sophie. I remember Tammy's email to me with the pictures. She was very concerned about Shane's development, and she wrote 'he really needs his mommy'. It nearly broke my heart, but steadied my resolve at the same time.
We sent a package to Shane in early summer, and they sent us the pictures of him in the green shirt. He was like a different child. Tammy then sent me an email, so happy, and shocked at the transformation. What a difference in a few months, with love and attention. The pictures of him with the toys were the best for me. They told me so much about his development. He was laughing, interactive, and didn't seem to be afraid of these new things, which is so important for blind children. We know we have a lot of work ahead of us, but we look forward to getting him home and helping him begin a new life full of so many possibilities.
Here are the rest of the pictures we have so far. Enjoy.

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