Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Swallows Nest update

First day at Swallows Nest............ miracles happen!!!! Waiting for a miracle...needs surgery

Most of you know about Swallows Nest, the foster home where Sophie stayed for four months before we got her in China. Swallows Nest is a fabulous home where children who would not have a chance in the orphanage are brought into loving homes, cared for, given medical treatments, and often, their lives are literally saved. Many, if not most, of these children are listed for international adoption. The parents who adopt these children are committed to keeping the dream of the foster family (a Christian couple from the US) alive. A non-profit organization has been established to help to raise funds for the Swallows Nest Children's Home. Check out their website...look for some pictures of Sophie, and see the beautiful miracle in each child's face!
Have a great day, everyone.


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