Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Finding the funds...and other quandries

Two international adoptions in one year...amazing...fabulous...blessed..exciting...expensive.
Any way you swing it, the fees for adoption are there. You cannot put a price tag on changing the life of a child, but the steps to getting your child come with fees: for social workers, paperwork, notaries, airfare, hotels, food. All of us wish we could hop in a plane and get our children, but that's not the way it goes. And so we sign on many dotted lines,promise to pay all the fees, and then start saving, scrimping, and belt-tightening until we get our children home.
This time around, we have applied for a few grants and were accepted by Kingdom Kids, a fundraisng grant that allows us to ask family and friends to donate to a non-profit agency (Kingdom Kids) who then offer grants to pay for agency fees. We were thrilled at this opportunity, and have asked any people to ehlp us. For many who give to charitable organizations through the year, they can donate to Kingdom Kids and their tax-detuctible donation can be used to help us pay for some of the expenses that we will incur.
If you want to find out more about Kingdom Kids fundraising grants, or if you would like to help in our fundraising efforts for Shane please go to:


Thank you!

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