Thursday, February 26, 2009

Our dossier is on the way to China!!!

DTC is the 'official' sending of the paperwork to China, and is a major step in the process, mostly because we are FINISHED with the collection of paperwork, signatures, facts, figures, dates and notary seals. It is exhausting, and not for the faint of heart. Now that we have done it two times in less than two years, I am REALLY exhausted. But I would do it again (not very soon, I might add) if it meant helping bring another child home to a forever family.
We have sent more money to the agencies (3 in all) and have received our first part of the funds raised by Kingdom Kids. For anyone still interested in donating, Kingdom Kids has been great, and we do indeed get the funds that are donated in our name. They send the check directly to the agency, so they are very efficient and helpful. We so appreciate everything people can do to help us bring Shane home.
This past week we celebrated one year since getting Sophie. In some ways it seems like yesterday, other ways like she has always been with us. Last night she went with Matt and I to get ashes for Ash Wednesday. She was certain we were all getting tattoos, and she asked for a green one on her neck (YIKES!). She finally got it when she saw all the crosses on every one's forehead. On the way up the aisle, she signed, 'all people, black crosses". She was thrilled to be allowed to get the same thing as we were getting as she gets upset that she cannot get Communion with us. when we first came home from China she would get so mad that she could not receive Communion. Once she had enough language she told me "You, gum, me, nothing"!!!
She thought we were all standing in line to get gum and she got nothing. Sometimes I'm not sure I want o know what she is thinking.
We had Sophie's transition meeting for the school district, and they were very impressed with how she is doing. They are working on evaluations for her, but they are going to support her at the School for the Deaf. Yeah, one less battle to fight.
Off to work to make money for the next set of fees. Rumors are that travel might be sometime in the summer. We'll see. Have a great day, everyone.

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