Monday, February 9, 2009

Concerns about fundraising grant

A number of people have asked us questions about our fundraising grant, and have raised concerns because there is a notice that states that Kingdom Kids reserves the right to dispense fees and does not guarantee that the money donated will go to the intended person.

We wanted to clear up any doubt and answer any questions. First of all, if anyone has any specific questions, please feel free to post a question or email me. Secondly, Kingdom Kids cannot ask for money for us, according to IRS regulations. They are fundraising with our help, and it is their intent to apply the funds to the family requested. Because of IRS regulations, they cannot fund raise in our name.
To make it clearer it is their intent to apply funds as per the donor's request. They have been giving grants to families for years, ad are extremely reputable. Check out their site, call them, ask questions, etc.
We are thrilled for this opportunity to get Shane home faster and to ease the burden of the adoption expenses.
Again, please contact me, or Kingdom Kids directly, if you have any questions.


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