Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A day in the snow

We are finishing up the last of the paperwork in our adoption agency switch, getting ready for the dossier to be sent to China! YEAH! Looks like we won't travel until somewhere in the vicinity of June, but always have to look at the bright side-we won't have to carry winter clothes!

Sophie is scheduled for her cochlear implant in May, so hopefully we will be able to have her activation complete before we go to China. There are many appointments for the CI, and at some point I will be taking Shane along for the drive to take him to appointments at DuPont as well. Two car seats in the car again! I know my friends whose kids are all off to college are laughing at us, and most people think we are totally crazy...but everyone who knows us knows that this is the best thing that we could be doing. Matt and I love each other, love our kids, and are committed to adoption. Once we set our hearts on these little ones, we are gone...and will endure the sacrifices that we need to to bring them home.

People ask me all the time about Shane's eye condition, and whether or not he will have any vision. With congenital cataracts, the eye itself does not develop in utero. Unlike other cataracts that form after the eye has developed normally, his cataracts cannot be removed, and then all will be well. His eyes probably did not develop normally, cataracts formed, and they are still there. Saying that, we might find out that the ophthalmologists want to remove the cataracts anyway for the long-term health of his eyes. We just won't know until we have him evaluated. Luckily, we are working with great people at DuPont, so we feel confident he will get great care. The bottom line is that he will most likely not have any vision, or possibly just light perception. We are very much expecting this to be the case, and if by chance (or miracle) he has more vision, we will be blessed.

Last week we had a little snow, just enough for a snow day and some sledding outside. Sophie loves the snow and the cold. In China she did not play in the snow too much, so she thoroughly enjoyed herself. Luckily, she has Meghan and Shannon to hang outside and play with her, leaving me in the house, nice and warm,to make homemade soup and hot chocolate for them!
Next week we celebrate one year since getting Sophie!!! Lots of pictures to post later for that.

Have a great day, everyone.

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