Wednesday, July 8, 2009

" I want to say 'I Love You"

Yesterday when Sophie and I were talking about going back to China to get Shane, she asked to see her pictures from China. We pulled them up from the computer, and she looked at them one by one. She so enjoyed them, with an added bonus: She had her CI processor on, so for the first time, she heard her voice, and ours from the speakers. She laughed hysterically at her screaming, which was all she did back then. One of the videos (you can see them on was Matt playing around with her in the hotel room. At one point he said, "Say thank you, Baba' and Sophie just said something unintelligible. Watching the video, she laughed and said "I didn't know 'thank you'"
Then she saw the pictures of the orphanage visit, and she was very intrigued, and told me lots of things about the kids there..specific details (in sign) about the kids and their personalities.
Sophie had a very special nanny who loved her very much. The two of them clung to each other, and we all sobbed when we pulled Sophie out of this young girls' arms. When she saw her favorite nanny, she asked if she could go back to China. She signed "I want to say 'I Love You".
Something tells me she wants to tell Sophie the same thing.

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  1. That is just precious Maryanne. That brings tears to my eyes. I bet she is a sweet little girl.
    I found you blog through a friend.
    Feel free to visit mine. We are now waiting to travel for a son after a long 3 year 3 month wait from LID. Hope you can manage getting on. Some have said they have a hard time doing so.