Monday, April 27, 2009

"Olive Ewe"

Well, we are on the CI countdown. One week to go. Today we head to DuPont for Sophie's pre-op, and last week she saw the ENT for a last-minute, as it were, check on her tube in her right ear, to be sure it is in place and will not be an issue. We have been fortunate that, although she was full of fluid when we arrived home last year, she has not had any drainage at all, and has been amazingly hearty and healthy. Here's the best thing...she has grown 7 inches in one year!!! How amazing is that? We are constantly amazed ourselves, and we live with her every day. Last week, Shannon and I went to Sophie's school for their Spring Fling and go to see Sophie perform a story with her class. Quite impressive! There are a few pictures of Sophie at school and with her teacher and a friend.

Yesterday Matt and I took Sophie to Sesame Place for a very hot day in the sun, thanks to Variety Club, who sponsor a day for families of children with special needs. Sophie is a trooper, and loves that kind of thing. We weren't in our suits (Sophie was) so we couldn't take her on any tube rides, but she had plenty of fun in the kiddy area, and on some of the rides. We met up with a few families I work with as well as one of Sophie's classmates. It was great hanging with her, just Matt and I. It has been about 12 years since he and I stood in the lines for the Merry-go-Round!!!! What fun!

Everyone who works with, or knows, Sophie is amazed at her ability to speak. She can say words very clearly, and no one quite knows how. Her favorite, though, is saying "I Love You" and it sounds like "Olive Ewe" . The other day, Meghan taught her to say "Ooooooh, I love you", and Sophie mimics her right back. Very funny.

We are loving this warm weather and waiting for the nights to stay warm to put our new chicks out into the coop Matt built for them. We are raising free-range chickens, something Matt-the-farmer (Ne: city-boy) has always wanted to do.

The next few weeks should be very busy with the new puppy coming on Saturday, Sophie's implant on Monday, Mick returning home next Friday, and the girls finishing up school in three weeks. Yikes! No wonder I am so tired every night.

Somewhere in all of that I have to finish planting our very large garden (approximately 60' x 20') full of vegetables, herbs, and a few berry bushes. Our blueberry bush is about 19 years old, and filled with berries every year. It is truly my relaxation and therapy, working hard in the dirt after a long day, or before a long day begins....

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